Simply put on the rose colored glasses, turn a blind

eye to the world and get nothing more than a good mood by listening to the songs of JoJo Effect!

The band JoJo Effect arose from the project that Anne Schnell, a German singer and songwriter, and the producers Kitty the Bill, Maxim Illion and Jürgen Kausemann of ChinChin Records founded 2005.

Four albums have been released with huge success.

The tracks of JoJo Effect have been sold over 2 million  times, licensed more than 300 times so far from  compilations like Café del Mar, Erotic Lounge, Brazilectro, Bar Lounge Classics, Claude Challe select, just to name a few, and for TV series and adverts all over the world.


A great band joins Anne to bring her songs on stage:

Dirk Pätzold-drums, Florian Beer-percussion,

Franz Schnell-sax and keyboards, Thomas Basy-piano, Christian Kraus-doublebass and

Manfred Koller–guitars.

Her ironic, funny, sensual and soulful lyrics that describe situations of our daily routines, love and life, sometimes with a cheeky twist are so happy and full of life, that inevitably good mood sets in.

With room for improvisation accrues an independent live sound, that once gently ripples, then energetically grabs, spherically floats or rhythmically grounds.

The potpourri of NuJazz, Latin, Pop and Bossa

touches, tempts and carries you along.


"JoJo Effect" is a musical spa package, which every good doctor and pharmacist will recommend for

brightening your mood!






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